Wesley Morse’s work

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“The general public knows Wesley Morse’s work from the early Bazooka Joe comics. They don’t know his name, though. Bazooka Joe wasn’t signed. Cartoonists in the know are aware of Morse’s work in the old Tijuana Bibles, the very first comic books to print original material a decade before what bluenose comic book historians regard as “the first comic books.” Morse didn’t sign any of his work in the bibles either. The material from the Taylor-Morse Collection, drawn by the twenty-something Morse, is his most interesting work. It is Wesley at his most sincere. This stuff wasn’t done to make a buck. Morse was an enigma. Among comic book scholars, virtually nothing was known of his life. For the last 40 years, I have been picking up tidbits of info about the man. Random facts about Morse’s doings in the early days of comics. But it wasn’t until the Taylor-Morse Collection surfaced that the floodgates of information were opened. Comic book history is about to be rewritten ~ and one of the key figures in it is the mysterious Wesley Morse.”

Underground comix legend Jay Lynch

“Lost in the fluorescence of the computer, I hadn’t gathered this was a love story. The fact that Avonne and Wesley had this intimate connection, that she was a Ziegfeld chorus girl…wasn’t immediately apparent. I think it is such a mesmerizing story, fascinating beyond belief.”

~ Actress, director and author, Asia Argento

“Know what’s the best green tea to drink when checking this work of art!” – Joe